Obtendo meu Elementor para trabalhar

This can be tedious and time consuming especially if you’re not a developer or an Analytics expert.

One feature that’s really nice here is the option to replace YouTube video iframes with a static preview image. If you embed a lot of YouTube videos on your sitio, this is a great way to speed up your site without sacrificing much, if any, usability:

Also once my elementor pro license expires does it make sense to renew it since i will have either crocoblocks or element packpro?

While you might miss out on some of the more advanced features/rules, you could approximate WP Rocket’s core

This free and easy-to-use plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site meaning that the webserver will use that file instead of processing the heavier (and slower) PHP scripts.

With the pro plan and above, you’ll get beautiful Beaver Builder compatible themes that allow you to modify your styles with the native WordPress Customizer.

i personally wouldnt have two because it can slow down your website and make your website load slower. Plus its alot of javascript, I would only use one.

Yes. You can use this addon for free and pro versions to enhance your page building experience. What are all the plugins I get Astra PRO with this product?

Список с иконками. маркированный список с различными иконками и текстом.

WP Rocket in Action Rather than talk endlessly about just how good WP Rocket is — instead, we want to show you real-life results from a test website. 

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you, installing and reviewing countless WordPress plugins to determine once and for all which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t.

Тонкая настройка! — Добавлена ​​позиция столбца / содержимого для внутренней секции

Crockblock was nice enough to give me a discount code for my visitors. You can use the code croco4darrelwilson to get 20% off your order from crocblock.

Sitemap preloading – preloads your cache based on all the pages in your sitemap.xml file. It’s low impact, but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t cache newly

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